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In Remembrance of Mukul Agarwala - My 9/11 Tribute

Original Posting: 9/11/06 - 12:00 AM
Reposting in honor of all who lost their lives, families and those who serve to protect us.

Mukul Agarwala, 37, New York, N.Y.
Victim of WTC
Hometown: South Brunswick, NJ
Employer: Franklin Templeton Fiduciary Trust
Occupation: Software Research Analyst
Confirmed dead
Location: World Trade Center, Tower2, 94th floor
Attended: University of Pennsylvania
The second of four brothers, is survived by his wife, Rhea Shome of Wayne, N.J. Born in New Delhi in 1963, he immigrated to the United States with his family in 1972. He graduated from South Brunswick High School in New Jersey in 1980. During his high school years, he was a member of the South Brunswick High School tennis team, along with his brothers Sanjay and Atul.

His enthusiasms ranged from snowboarding to reading history to old movies, Casablanca being his favorite. Mukul Agarwala was known to have a sense of humor and having a contagious and infectious laughter. He is described to be a true human being, a man of exceptionally strong will and determination and a selfless individual with a gentle soul.

After he folded an Internet company in San Diego last spring, Mukul K. Agarwala moved back east to be near his parents in Kendall Park, N.J., because they were in failing health.
He was born in a religion that advocated ahimsa = Ahimsa is a Sanskrit term which translates roughly into non-injury to living beings or dynamic harmlessness.

Reading the above description of ahimsa and all that I have read on Mr. Agarwala, he lived and breathed it, he exuded nothing but warmth to all who he knew and didn’t know. I am a total stranger to this man, but I feel an overwhelming sense of love and caring from all that knew him. After reading several entries in his guest book, I am touched deep within to see how many lives he touched, perfect strangers and friends and their children… He was very loving and caring to all humans of all races and religion. There were no divisions of culture, religion, race or ethnicity in Mukul Argawala’s eyes and heart.

In two separate memoirs, I learned that it pained him to see people hurting, being hurt or alone.

Liz Hopp of Boulder, CO had just moved to San Francisco and was temping at UBS Securities, she didn't know a soul in the city, and Mukul befriended her, made sure that she knew all of the best spots in the city. He took her to Mt. Tam for a hike because Ms. Hopp had mentioned she was a little homesick for the mountains.

His widow said he had a strong sense of concern for others: not long after they met in Hong Kong in 1993, he saw a newspaper article about a mistreated domestic worker who, like his parents, had come from India. He went to the Indian diplomatic mission there and paid her fare back home.

Mukul was a man of exceptionally strong will and determination. I think if he could counsel us in our moments of grief he would tell us "I am beyond harm now.Remember me but do not let this defeat you…”
Peter Yorke
(San Francisco, CA )

He made a big impact on all his colleagues and friends and even to those he didn’t know. Andy Beaulieu was Mukul's friend and roommate in college and stated exactly what I feel from all my research on Mr. Agarwala; “He would have made an impact on people's lives and on the world, and will probably still find a way to do so.” In my eyes, he did make a big impact on every body’s life that he came across with and I feel that he still does today. I wish I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Mukul Agarwala in person, but somehow I feel I already have, here and now. It has been my sincere and great pleasure getting to know you spiritually.

Remembered by his wife, Rhea Shome, the Shome family, the Agarwala family, and friends.
All my love and deepest sympathies to Mr. Mukul Agarwala’s family and to all the families of 9/11…The Loss of a Son Is Too Much for His Father

November 7, 2001

One day in October, Karta Agarwala lost the will to live.

The Kendall Park, N.J., resident simply could not deal with the loss of his son, Mukul, 37, a research analyst at the World Trade Center, his family said.

"My father said God's gift to him was that he had four sons that would one day be his coffin bearers," Atul, Mukul's older brother, said.

But in the days after the tragedy, their father was unable to find solace.

"He wanted to ask God why his son was taken from him ... He finally came to the realization that Mukul was gone, and it broke his will," another son, Ajay, said.

Their father died from heart failure last month at age 71.


In doing my research for my tribute to Mukul Agarwala, I ran across (as I’m sure many of you did) to some wonderful tributes created already, the following link hit me just as hard or harder. Very touching and heart wrenching… please, take a listen and feel the loss of one little angel and know that, that feeling, is what all these families and dear friends are living day to day… I’m not ashamed to say that this angel brings me to tears every time… May God Bless our Country and that we may continue to forge on with strength, courage, and brave hearts. Mukul Agarwala, you and all your colleagues and all 9/11 victims did not die in vain…

Heaven 911

"Heaven 911" is a poignant and deeply moving song. Heaven 911 is the song "Heaven" remixed with a little girl's conversation with her father who she lost in the 911 attack.

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